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Mussel & Lobster
Shore Boil

Meet a local fisherman and enjoy a traditional lobster and mussel dinner on his private property.

- Roll up your sleeves and help fisherman Jim Conohan of Along the Edge Experiences clean a mussel sock.

- Learn all about our incredible mussel industry and how the Island became the largest producer in North America.

- See how a lobster trap works and learn about Jim's life as a lobster fisherman.

Enjoy a traditional lobster supper with mussels, 1.25 lb lobster, potato salad, roll and sweet treat. Water and/or juice included.

Beachcomber’s Clam Boil

Stroll along a private beach and learn the best ways to dig, comb and collect your evening meal of fresh clams.
  • Spend some time with local fisherman Jim Conohan of Along the Edge Experiences, combing his private beach for fresh oysters and quahogs.
  • Learn how to spot the tell-tale holes where the clams are hiding and dig until you find enough for what we call a “feed.”
  • Enjoy your shellfish meal in Jim’s house with views of the beautiful Boughton river.
  • Learn all about Jim’s life at sea as a lobster and tuna fisherman.
  • Meal includes quahogs, mussels, oysters, bun, salad, water, truffles.
  • Children’s meal available if they don’t like shellfish.

Tong & Schuck

Eat as many fresh oysters as you’d like while learning how Islanders tong and shuck them.

  • Meet local fisherman Jim Conohan of Along the Edge Experiences ,and hear the tales of his life on the sea.
  • Let Jim show you how to properly tong and size oysters.
  • Gather as many oysters as you like and Jim will show you how to shuck them!
  • Learn about the growth and life cycle of PEI oysters.
  • The experience includes oysters + dessert + water.


Activities with “Along The Edge Experiences” include making a juniper coaster to take home (brown and the “original jostr or “original juniper coaster”) as well as mussel, oyster and lobster boils with salad, rolls tea or coffee plus dessert.  There are other food options available for people who would like to take part in the adventure but do not like or cannot eat shellfish.

All our available tours & experiences have been adjusted to accommodate the PEI GOVERNMENT’S COVID-19 PUBLIC HEALTH MEASURES.