Along The Edge
About Us

Welcome to our home on the beautiful Boughton river in eastern PEI! Come meet local retired fisherman with over 40 years of experience Jim Conohan and his wife, Gen.

Jim’s ancestors were Irish immigrants who established here on PEI many decades ago. His grandfather was a ship builder, his dad was a fisherman and he started fishing full-time at age 14 for 40 straight years. He fished lobsters, crabs, scallops, herrings, mackerels, mussels, oysters, clams and of course, the giant bluefin tunas!

As his retirement time was coming, he happened to meet with Experience PEI’s owner who helped him bring Along the Edge Experiences to life. He now gets to talk about his life long passion all summer long without all the hardships!

Jim prepared 3 different hands-on experiences for you to choose from. 

One revolves around the PEI mussel industry and lobster fisheries where you get up close and personal with a real fresh mussel sock followed by a copious mussel and lobster meal! 

Mussel & lobster shore boil

The second is about the world of oyster farming and you get to handle real tongs and pull your own oysters before shucking them yourself safely. Sounds delicious! 

Tong & Shuck

And lastly, Jim will take you for a stroll on the beach telling you all about the clams found on the island and the best ways to get at them and all the laws and regulations followed by an amazing meal!

Beachcombers link

The bonus in all of this is all the incredible fishing stories Jim has to tell! You will head back home with your head and heart full of beautiful memories! We hope to have the pleasure to host you soon!

Part of Experience PEI, and located in the Points East Coastal Drive area, Along The Edge was created and is run by local fisherman Jim Conohan. Conoghan has been fishing for most of his life, starting when he was 14 fishing for lobsters and Giant Bluefin Tuna (PEI is the bluefin capital of the world).